1. Brown Drake ascending in “Center of the Fly Fishing Univesre”.


  2. Crazy light and the finest groveling on a new FA w/ Rob Pizem deep in the womb of Zion’s mother stone.


  3. 4:53 of inspiration


  4. remember that one time. when we ran into rockets for christmas? on a main street in spain? on the coast i think. 

    i remember…you were 5. it was in the middle of nowhere, the mediterranean was on the right and it was a balmy holiday evening. you were riding the rockets and it was perfect. 

  5. Fish on! Shot from our Eddie Bauer shoot on Washington’s Methow this past Fall. Psyched for some winter fishing in the next few days! Gotta love mixing it up. 


  6. Some days are better than others. Forrest Shearer coming up for air in the Wasatch backcountry. 


  7. Jennifer Watt on the daily commute in Sella, Spain. Europe has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages, the slower daily pace is definitely an advantage in my book. @wonderfulmachine 


  8. Scott Adamson on Maple Canyon’s classic “Dagger”. 


  9. Spent a little time shooting with the one and only Chuck Landvatter. Always inspiring! Check his site for out of the box creative talent seldom seen:http://chucklandvatterart.blogspot.com/ 


  10. Digging again and I bumped into an old favorite. On my first trip to Belize local guide Joey Pacheco was kind enough to both guide me through the basic steps of actually rigging a saltwater setup and then standing in front of the lens and getting after it. Still awed by his comfort and confidence in the saltwater flats. If you ever get a chance to hang on a small island in the middle of the Caribbean and swing a fly rod by all means take it


  11. Just above the clouds we found 2o minutes of stunning sunshine. 


  12. Powell Eastman, Alta, UT


  13. I’ve been digging for a few submissions and bumped into this gem from a few years back. Good times w/ good friends in the Sierra! When life gives you high winds and shitty snow drink tequila. Something decent’s always bound to come of it


  14. You know it’s going to be a good day when you’re taping for the sunrise. Pamela Shanti Pack at the base of Indian Creek’s N. Sixshooter.


  15. Desert rituals.